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Whole House Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Painting Done Right!

Painting a room appears to be a simple process. However, you must be careful that you do it correctly if you want your walls to appear to have been painted by a professional. The most essential thing is to make sure you don’t commit some of the most typical DIY whole house painting errors. Here are the most common mistakes you need to be mindful of:

Extreme Temperatures

If you’re starting a paint project, pay attention to the weather because paint doesn’t take severe temperatures very well. Water-based paints will take longer to dry in humid environments. Frosty weather makes it difficult for paint to cure properly, which results in peeling and splitting. Extreme heat may cause paint to bubble or dry too rapidly, giving you a finish that is uneven. Consult the manufacturer to learn the ideal temperature for the paint if it isn’t applying properly.

Skipping the Primer

Primer is essential when switching from a dark to a lighter shade of paint because it stops the old color from showing through. The same bleed-through that happens when colors are drastically changed can also happen while painting wood. Natural tannins in wood can move to the surface when it becomes wet, staining, and discoloring the material. Before painting, coat the wood with a primer that blocks tannins to solve this issue. Before applying the new color, use two coats of primer if there is a lot of bleed-through.


Avoid using too many strokes when painting woodwork, doors, or cabinets for the smoothest finish possible. Fill the brush with paint, then swiftly cover a surface. After that, take one or two strokes to level it off. Brushing over the same area repeatedly may leave ugly brush ridges and markings, especially after the paint has begun to dry. Use the appropriate brush for the job. You’ll need a brush with synthetic (nylon/polyester) bristles for latex paint. Use a brush with natural bristles for oil-based paint.

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